Pres Noynoy Aquino Porsche – a chance of enlightenment

I respond to the boring and monotonous reaction towards Pnoy’s Porsche.

I want to defend Pnoy. If I am Pnoy, I’ll buy another Porsche, this time a brand new one! I don’t care what those silly people say. I tell you why. Because the hatred towards him is based on a very wrong and misled premise that Pnoy is not an ordinary citizen. PNoy is just like me, and ordinary citizen. Why?

The anger felt is attributed to the long standing belief of government idolatry. We look to governments and the people in there as greats – a mindset akin at the times of Kings and emperors where leaders were idolized and the people were treated as slaves. Because of that impressed thinking, we usually looked upon them and we depend on them in order to survive. And anything they do that don’t sit well on populist sentiment and taste should cause hatred among the people and consequently losing the impression of their greatness.

Now, who said governments and leaders are that great that we must be obliged to look upon like the one that gives paternal care? Let us all learn that the existence of government and its eventual expansion begun not on noble ideals but started by a shameful act coercion. Government maliciously existed when some rag-tag and incompetent entrepreneurs, literally, colludes to drive off tract competent ones to promote their selfish interests of dominating the lives of the rest of the population. Being the government or the leader of that group should not cause us to lose the simple truth that government did not exist out of noble intentions. I found no greatness in there.

So because there is no greatness in being associated with this kind of group, the government, PNoy though elected as leader, should not be looked upon as an extraordinary citizen with assumed greatness as a leader that must always go along with the people’s sentiments. He has a right not lesser or greater than anyone. Being President, as a respect to his right to own a property, should be left alone at his own choosing. That does not affect his job, in anyway. Government is not a godly entity but a group of fellows who are lucky enough to run such group. The problem only came about when some erroneously thinking minds, with ill-impressed thoughts suddenly felt jealous of not having, by the sheer incapacity to buy, his or her own Porsche.

If there is something we must change, it must be our consciousness.


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