Rage? – Pres Noynoy Aquino has a new Porsche

The media and the people subscribing them are feasting on the latest Pnoy act of giving gift to himself. I am amazed these people have collective feeling that Pnoy should have not done that while the Filipino majority is in hunger. They suddenly hate Pnoy when the latter bought a four-wheeled, well-polished metallic glossy box.

Pnoy can afford it. He used his own money just like any rich individual can. Period. What if Pnoy bought an owner-type jeep instead of a Yacht? Does that make the rest of the population stupidly happier just because the president projects a populist taste like eating tuyu and kamatis instead of frequent fine dining?

Feelings are affected by two things, the one we see and the one we don’t. What makes us angry are only those things we stupidly wished shouldn’t have seen. So if P-noy bought a Porsche for himself, it is just fine to feel angry because we idiotically unexpected it. However, please realized that the hatred felt is not because P-noy had a new Porsche, but because you can’t buy it for yourself. Don’t consume yourself thinking of the superficial things. There are numerous things we should know which worth more than just what we are seeing and hearing from the media.

Focus more on things that we still don’t know. I take my case to the unending suffering of the Filipino poor. The poverty is caused by no other than the reckless inflation of the money supply by the government through Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. By creating easy money and promoting easy credit, massive transfer of wealth and labor is occurring to the detriment of the middle class and the poor. Inflation, or over creation of money and credit, devalues our money everyday.That is why the number of poor is growing.

I think, we should be more focusing on far more important topics, like how BSP destroys the buying power of our nation’s money. Not all people know this disgusting truth. Right now, what people know is that Pnoy bought a 3rd-hand Porsche and stupidly raging over that. It is nonsense while majority of the population are ignorant as to what is the real cause of poverty. And that is the central economic planning intervention on the supposedly free market.


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